Black Vs White Hat SEO – What Is The Difference?

If you are wondering about the differences between black vs white hat SEO, you should know that they can be summed in these words: Black hat is for churn-and-burn while white hat is for long-term passive income. Let us explain in the rest of this article. 

Churn-and-burn is a business model among online marketers that use Search Engine Marketing or SEM as their marketing method. It just means that you churn a lot of websites as quickly as possible, get them to rank just as quick, and watch them burn to the ground as they are taken down by the search engines after a month or so of being at the top.

Most SEO practitioners use black hat methods, yes, even those that claim to use only white hat methods. They do it mostly to determine how easily a set of keywords can be ranked for while earning some quick cash along the way. 

Black hat optimization marketers have little regard for user experience and they try to rank websites on the strength of link blasts. With White Hat SEO, you often need to think about the natural movement of a website from anonymity to brand exposure. White hat SEO often involves sharing a website on social media first before moving on to high PR links. Links to a website are then drip-fed, from ten links per day for new websites to 50 links for old websites that have some PR ranking. 

With blackhat SEO, it is the opposite, you blast links to a website. Links of over 50 or more are often sent to a new website.  The most common type of links used are SAPE links and links coming from websites found in the list of GSR Search Engine Ranker. SAPE link is a link coming from a Russian link network. GSR, on the other hand, is a software that you download to create links from different websites. 

In the case of black vs white hat SEO, aside from the building behavior, there are also differences in the content found on the websites being ranked for.

Web sites intended for blackhat SEO often scraped content that is stuffed with different keywords that, while invisible to human eyes, is visible to the search engines. Whitehat websites, meanwhile, are all about the user experience. Website owners take the time to create quality content that becomes viral and thus stick to their search engine rankings for a longer time. 

With blackhat methods, you can often see results within as short as 48 hours. With white hat SEO, you have to be patient as websites tend to rank only after one to three months, depending on the difficulty of the keyword being ranked for. 

Most people like to condemn blackhat SEO, however, the smartest online businessmen know that there is a place for it in their overall profit-taking strategy. Again, for a quick return on investments, blackhat SEO is the best. However, if you want true passive income where you earn money for many months or years without doing any hard work, work on whitehat SEO.